HUDHUD MEDIA Sdn Bhd (HHMSB) produces high quality entertainment content for todays' society, following current trend and fashion yet not forgetting the high moral value as a muslim. A Malaysian born "kReAtivE" company that truly believes in the faith of ISLAM and how it is being miss understood by the many and wants peace with all race and religion. HUDHUD MEDIA SDN BHD (HHMSB) - has the production experience of about 30 years in the video, music & animation industry. Backed by the Malaysian Government's initiative MDec and Cradle . HHMSB believes in achieving its goal very soon. At the moment, HHMSB's best project is The NEF/AWANI Award winning 3D animation cartoon series called "UMMI..Ceritalah pada kami" soon to be released on TV3 during the month of Ramadhan 2013.

The Founder



Music & Creative Production :

Allahyarham Johan started composing and producing songs for popular artistes in Malaysia, Singapore & Indonesia since 1984 and became the finalist in various World Song competition locally and at International level. Won the prestigious AIM awards in 1996 in the “Song Of The Year” category, for the song titled, ‘Jentayu’ sung by Sheila Majid & Nora, as the producer for Nora’s solo album titled ‘Kirana’ for ‘The Best POP’ album 2003 and for the album ‘Lentera Timur’ by Siti Nurhaliiza, for “Best Ethnic’ album and ‘Album of the Year’ in AIM awards 2009. Recently, his song “PEDOMAN” sung by NORA and Voices Of UMMI won the AIM18 ‘Best Nasyid Song’ category in 2011. Other production includes corporate songs, commercials and video productions like The Australian Tourist Commission (ATC), ‘Le Tour De Langkawi’ (’95), International Islamic University (IIUM), MIMOS, MRCB, ING (Insurance) & MIROS (Road Safety Campaign 2010) amongst.

Multimedia & New Media :

1997/04 - CEO of an MSC status company, Cyber Music Asia Sdn Bhd for 12 years, creating and managing website portals, covering b2b & b2c type e- business customers and managing AIM Award’s official website, Warner Music, Sony Music, 2004/09 - CEO of NUMUZIK Sdn Bhd - Managing TMNet’s BlueHyppo Music Portal and Consulting Malaysia’s Media giant, Media Prima Berhad’s first online music initiative called GUAMUZIK in 2007/2008. Currently – CEO of Hud Hud Media Sdn Bhd – producer of children Islamic and good moral values content.

Associations :

Director of Music Authour’s Copyright Protection (MACP) Council member of Persatuan Akademi Muzik Malaysia (PAIMM) , Director of Koperasi Industri Muzik Malaysia (KOPIM) and Committee Member of Persatuan Pengilang & Industri Pekhidmatan Bumiputera Malaysia (PPIPBM)

Other Info :

Master Class - Animation (FINAS) 2010




Singer / Entertainer / Celebrity :

Nora is known as a very prominent recording artist in Malaysia. She has obtain accolade of awards for her singing talent through out her career. Her involvement in the entertainment industry has always given her the leverage and edge in marketing her business and products.

Multimedia & New Media :

2009 - Host of Talk Show “Keluarga @9 - Kongsi Rasa, Kongsi Rahsia” 2010 - Co-host ‘Selebriti Chef’ on IKIM.FM 2007 - Permanent Jury - “Idola Kecil” - Reality talent show


  • 1986/87/88 - 3 times Bintang MSSK Champion (Kelantan)
  • 1991 - Bintang HMI Champion (RTM) National level
  • 1995 - Anugerah Bintang Popular (Media Award)
  • 1996 - Quadruple Platinum Award by Warner Music
  • 1997 - Platinum Award by Warner Music
  • 2007 - Anugerah Juara Lagu – Samudera
  • 2013 - listed in BUKU TOKOH WANITA Kelantan :
  • 1st Edition 2014 by PUSPA

Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM Awards):

  • 1994 - Best New Artist
  • 1995 - Best album cover – Debaran
  • 1996 - Best Vocal Performance - Jentayu (with Sheila Majid)
  • 1996 - Song of the year – Jentayu
  • 2001 - Song of the year – Menyemai Cinta Bersama Mu
  • 2001 - Best Pop Album – Kirana
  • 2001 - Best Music Arrangement - Menyemai Cinta Bersama Mu
  • 2011 - Best Nasyid Song - Pedoman (with Voices Of UMMI)
  • 2012 – Best Nasyid Song – Doa
  • 2014 – Best Vocal Duo / Collaboration – Selamanya Bahagia

Other info :

  • Master Class Script Writing (FINAS) 2011 / 2010
  • Member of SENIMAN, MACP, Recording Performers
  • Malaysia (RPM), Content Creative Industry Guild Malaysia (CCIG)

Vision & Mission

Hud Hud Media Sdn Bhd is a ‘Creative Content’ company incorporated in 2011 that produces: Animation content & Multimedia the same time Create Original IPs & World Class Brands!

Hud Hud Media envisions the development of high quality creative talents to continuously deliver and develop compelling content and storytelling through state of the art visual 3D animation technologies.