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Title:  “UMMI…ceritalah pada kami” / "UMMI....more stories please"
Duration:  22 minutes x 26 episodes
Target Audience:  Age 3 to 12 & Family
Genre:  'Good Moral Values' in 3D Musical Animation series
Language:  Malay, English
Availability:  2012 (Season 1) / 2015 (Season 2)


"Ummi...Ceritalah Pada Kami" (UCPK) or in English, "Ummi...More stories please", is a 26 episodes of 3D animated series that infuses entertainment an educational values targeted for children and family viewing. Each series features infotainment with high quality 'sing a long' songs sung by the popular and award winning group 'VOU'. UMMI series characters are unique, fun and cute, which subtlety carries message of good deeds, the "Ibadah" plus stories & tales from the Quran, Hadith and newly created stories. Many interesting, exciting moments and event occurs amongst the children in every episode.

Tales of Wisdom

Title:  “Tales of Wisdom”
Duration:  3 minutes x 30 episodes
Target Audience:  Age 4 to 10 and family
Genre:  3D 'pop-up' animation series with Cute Voice Narration
Language:  Malay, English
Availability:  2015


'Tales of Wisdom' (TOW) is a 3 minutes animated short story series that represent positive and moral values of our daily lives. It showcases stories of the good and the negatives in our lives in addition to the consequences for choosing the wrongful path. The idea is to instill high moral values to children from an early age.